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Vamana Karma

Vamana karma or the Emesis therapy is the first pradhana karma or the main line of treatment in Panchakarma wherein the imbalanced and vitiated doshas are removed via the mouth region or the upper part of the body.

Vamana karma is a medicated emesis therapy which cleanses the Kapha toxins collected in the body and decongests the respiratory tract. This is essentially the best Ayurvedic treatment of Panchakarma that works as preventive as well as curative therapy while releasing the built up toxins produced due to Kapha dosha imbalance.

Sampoorna Abhyangam with Nasyam

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

‘Abhyanga’ improves concentration, intelligence and youthfulness. It provides comfort to the eyes, sound sleep, tones up the body, Improves flexibility, softness and firmness of the skin. It also helps to remove muscular fatigue and pain. Abhyanga increase blood and lymphatic circulation, causing the body to flush out its waste products more efficiently.
‘Nasyam’ is a treatment of pouring warm oil or herbal juices into each nostrils after a short face and neck massage and steaming. A purification method meant for eliminating vitiated doshas from head neck and shoulder region. Nasyam is helpful in migraine, sinusitis, paralytic conditions etc.


Virechana is the process of cleansing of the intestines which are pitta dominant through the use of laxative medicines.It helps to remove the toxic and metabolic waste from liver, gallbladder and intestinal tract. It does away with extra bile toxins from the middle zone of the body.


Basti Karma has been the prime part and parcel of Ayurveda treatment of Panchkarma since ages. It is believed that if properly performed, alone Basti karmas can be rendering to the human body, would be nothing short of a miracle.

Basti karma has the reputation to be half of the entire treatments that can be available to provide substantial cure and relief.
Ayurveda justifies the efficacy of Basti karma with its possible outcome to balance all the three doshas viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is because whereas Basti balances Vata dosha, also when the vata dosha is balanced, the other two doshas i.e. Pitta and kapha would be balanced spontaneously. This is the best part of this particular Panchakarma therapy.
It also nourishes and feeds the colonic flora.
Basti also enhances the immune system of the individual by cleansing and nourishing the colon.
Basti puts the body into a state of total balance by nourishing the base prana of the body which is formed in the colon.

Panchakarma Diet

Panchakarma is effective only if special detoxification diet is consumed along with the treatments. We at Ayurveda Retreat are very aware of this and every individual undergoing Panchakarma receives special diet which is monitored every day by the doctor. Additional treatments may be recommended by the doctor and provided at no extra charge.

Our Programmes also include

  1. Vaiswanara Vasthi
  2. Yonipakshalanam
  3. Virechanam
  4. Vamenam
  5. Upanaham
  6. Uravasthi
  7. Udwarthanam
  8. Thalapodhichil
  9. Thakara Dhara
  10. Thalam
  11. Thaila Vasthi
  12. Spl. Takara Dhara
  13. Snehapanam
  14. Shirovasthi
  15. Raktha Moksham
  16. Podi Kizhi
  17. Pizhichil
  18. Njavara Thepp
  19. Njavara Kizhi
  20. Mutta Kizhi
  21. Mamsakizhi
  22. Karna Poornam
  23. Ksheera Dhoomam
  24. Kadi & Podi Kizhi
  25. Kadi Vasthi
  26. Kashya Vasthi
  27. Janu Vasthi
  28. Herbal Steam Bath
  29. Greeva Vasthi
  30. Foot Massage
  31. Elakizhi
  32. Dhanya Kizhi
  33. Dhanyamala Dhara
  34. Full Body Massage
  35. Kids Special Massage


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